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Canon details
Date Unknown
Teams The Protectors (Universe 01)
Book details
Book A Past to Remember
Chapter Number 19

War is the nineteenth chapter of "A Past to Remember".


Fred, Cameron and Galileo travel to Universe 03 to check up on the Gates while Jack and Kyle goes to Universe 04 to check up on the war raging for supremacy before they are both roped into the separate wars.


During a routine mission to the prison beneath universe 03, Fred, Cameron and Jack discover that a small portion of the security forces for the prison had been infiltrated and were secretly religious fanatics who believed that the individuals that are held within the prison are actually gods who were imprisoned by their enemies, although both of these statements are in certain points of view true, they also view them as beings of good, which isn’t true for them in the slightest. Meanwhile, Connor, Galileo and Ralph head to universe 04 in order to check out a couple of results given off by Tom’s power detector that seemed to imply that a Universe 01 protector was present. These results turn out to be Flavio, who has been tracking Matt, and Matt himself, with the pair being locked in combat within Universe 04. Flavio is able to control and manipulate metal while Matt can produce screams of any frequency he wishes, making them both distractions and deadly weapons. He can manipulate these screams to make other sounds such as dogs barking or a bird chirping.

While on Minerva in Universe 23, Tom, Emma and Naomi discuss what happened to her after she disappeared in 3000 shortly after giving birth to Connie in addition to Naomi questioning who Angee was, having never seen her before due them being from two different timelines. Tom accidently gives a stupidly long explanation that describes Angee’s life in great detail while also accidently forgetting to mention that Angee is a version of him from an alternate timeline and that their memories and entire selves are slowly merging into one being.

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