Currently Used PowersEdit

Unique Power Character
Time Thomas Cane
Emma Jackson
Ollie Cane
Angee Alexander
Morgan Want
Wallcrawling Thomas Cane
Angee Alexander
Force Fields Thomas Cane
Gravity Darren Jenkins
Life Edward Armstrong
Death Jamie
Leanne Jackson
Fire Emily Rose
Connie Murphy
Water Josie Jackson
Morgan Want
Electric Leanne Jackson
Teleportation Leanne Jackson
Air Emma Jackson
Light Jacob Penguin
Shadows Hulo Romeo Morgan
Energy Absorbsion Anthony McNeil
Super-Strength Benjie Emily Rachel Polly
Memory Manipulation Jason Polly
Connie Murphy
Spike Production Erin Potato
Property Absorb Connor Potato
Plant Manipulation Freddie Cane
Josie Jackson
Darkness Cameron Jakes
Extreme Endurance Johnny Doppy
Earth Vicky Mary Smith]
Phasing Emma Jackson
Animal Morphing

Unused PowersEdit

Unique Power Previous Owners
Microwaves Joe Tim Morgan
Poison Generation Mia Murphy

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