Time is a power wielded by TomEmma, Ollie and Geoff.


"A Past to Remember"Edit

In Infiltrated it is revealed that Tom has control over time.

In Ambush it is shown that Leanne's younger sister has control over time along with the ability to send people travelling through time.

In Search it is revealed by Molly that all of people who control time were to be killed at birth.

In Quarantine it is stated that Ollie is capable of at the very least utilising the foresight side of the ability. It is also revealed that Tom can create a powder to wipe people's memories of past events and that it was used to wipe the memories of the team and Emma can manipulate time around her hair to make it appear blonde instead of white.



People who control time can be plagued with nightmares for the majority of their life. Tom and Emma have both taken to avoiding sleep as much as possible so that they don't see any of the terrible visions that exist. Ollie is shown to be slightly capable of seeing into the future when he manages to avoid an incoming missile and beat Robo Marshal with just one hand.

Time BombEdit

It is also possible for people who control time to produce small balls of time that have explosive properties. These mini temporal bombs can be used to either just cause carnage, age people to dust or after a lot of practice and a lot of concentration they can eradicate people from existence.

Mermory Wiping PowderEdit

Tom is shown in Quarantine to have the ability to create a powder that wips away people's memories, or at the very least buries them for short periods of time and is inversley proportinal to the amount of time wiped as they remember quicker if there is a large gap of memories that were suppressed.


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