Tom's Time Machine
Item details
How many were Planned 2
Date Completed Unknown
Number Completed 2
Who built it Thomas Cane
Geoff (First Only)

Tom's Time Machine is a machine created by Tom and his father as a way of travelling backwards in time to fight a war on more stable ground. Tom later built a second machine in the past due to him stopping sleeping in order to block out his Foresight ability.


First Time MachineEdit

The first Time Machine is described as being the size of a large aircraft carrier and being covered in silver plating designed to reflect Temporal radiation. The inside of the machine are described as being a series of winding corridors designed to deter potential boarders. At the front of the ship is a massive glass windshield in front of the cockpit where the driver usually sits. The sides of the ship are also rimmed with escape pods if an emergency presents itself.

Second Time MachineEdit

Tom decided that the second original design was centered around a deal he had made with his father to help build the ship and that it was built with materials that were available to them at the time. This time Machine was designed with the same core, winding corridors and bridge but the individual rooms were made more comfortable and the outside was changed to allow it to blend in with its surroundings and almost completely disappear from view. It was also equipped with ways of defending itself against enemies, something the other variation did not have.


Second Time MachineEdit

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