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Canon details
Date February 1, 2010
Teams Leanne's Team
The Protectors*
The Protectors*
Felix & Faye
Book details
Book A Past to Remember
Chapter Number 17

Thunder is the seventeenth chapter of "A Past to Remember".


As the Universe 20 Protectors close in on Leanne and team, they make a startling discovery that changes the team dynamic forever. Meanwhile, Tom continues in his search for Naomi and comes to a shocking revelation about Angee.


Coming Soon

Major EventsEdit

  • Josie is revealed to have killed the Universe 20 version of Fred and gained his ability to control plants;
  • Leanne, Josie and Ed discover that their powers can be used together to form mega thunderstorms;
    • This results in Kyle's death with his teleportation power being transferred to Leanne;
    • The lightning also strikes John, which is Endurance Ability allows him to narrowly survive;
      • His memories are also restored by the lightning bolt;
  • Vicky and Tony rejoin the team and move into Tom's House;
  • Felix murders Bridget and leaves Clive unconscious;
  • Bobby manages to track Naomi's whereabouts to Universe 23;
  • Tom discovers that Angee is an alternate timelime version of himself and that they are slowly merging.
  • Theo is captured by the Protectors and taken back to the house and placed into a room that the robot mindcontrol shouldn't be able to penetrate.

Team Standing as of this ChapterEdit

Alpha TeamEdit

Bravo TeamEdit

  • All Protectors in 2010

Charlie TeamEdit


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring and Minor CharactersEdit



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