The name Thomas Cane is held by seven characters all of which have varying backstories and varying degrees of strength and control over time. Another version of Tom exists in a series of blog chapters that does not influence the main story at all and is not considered by the author to be in any way part of the Multiverse designed around the other groups of stories.


All Toms keep some control over time although the best by far are the Toms from 01, 23, and 38. Tom of Universe 17 orginally showed no indication of having powers although it was revealed Hunter it was revealed that his powers as well as the rest of the teams' were wiped out when a Zoombian mole destroyed his house.

Key DifferencesEdit

Universe 00's Tom is the only Tom that can't control Time, nor is featured in any fictional release or planned to be.

Universe 01's Tom has less control over his team but is also more manipulative over his enemies.

Universe 17's is not shown to be capable of manipulating any elements or time like his counterparts, however he has been shown to be extremely strong on par with that of his Universe 18 counterpart. He is also shown to be extremely analytical to the point of possibly having a mental health disorder as he is able to concentrate on one task and complete it despite the odds being tilted heavily against him.

Universe 18's Tom appears to be considerably stronger than the other versions, being able to suffocate Leanne with just his arm. He is also more mature, heading up the investigation into Terrorism within Coombeshead Academy and hunting down Felix, Penny and Faye.

Universe 20's Tom is for all intents and purposes the same as the Tom from Universe 01, albeit the way he goes about reaching his goals can be considered excessively more illegal than his 01 counterpart as well as more dangerous and a lot more on the wrong side of the Good-Evil Scale.

Universe 23's Tom is the only Tom that has gone clinically insane because of the death of a teammate, and with no help from the other Universes

Universe 38's Tom is the only Tom that has been driven to madness by an outside force (Universe 01's blowing up of Universe surrounding 38).

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