Character details
Full Name Robo Myles
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Homes Unknown
Occupation Strategist
Infiltration Robot
Constructed By Thomas Cane
Universe Number Universe 01
Current Allies Robo Marshal
Robo Sam
Robo Flavio
Appearance Details
First Appearance Captured
Latest Appearance Trace
Biological Details
Species Robot

Robo Myles is a recurring character in "A Past to Remember" introduced in Captured whose motivations and plans are unclear as he actively works against both the Robots and the Protectors.


Myles is sneaky and manipulative who hides his true intentions from everyone who he is working with. However he seems to have a soft spot for some Protectors as eveidenced by him letting Cameron escape from the robot base that he was attacking despite him being weak and easy to take out. ("Break-in")


He is first seen when he breaks into Vicky's house in the middle of the night to kidnap her. He later takes her to the labs in 3001 before explaining that Tom was supposed to arrive and save her before the Zoombians arrived. He then enters shutdown mode to ensure his survival as Vicky is taken. He later captures Tom and his team, including Vicky, from the Zoombian compound that they were being kept in. He is later revealed to have also been with Ralph shortly after the Ipplepen Disaster. ("Captured", "Ambush", "House")

In a startling change in character, he is shown being stern and strict with Anthony which results in him rediscovering his abilities without having his memories return to him, the attack also kills loads of innocent children and teachers at the school. His personality and attitude towards the Protectors is shown to have completely flipped as he lets Cameron escape with his team. After Cameron is captured during the robot attack on the Torbay Hospital Quarantine Zone, he is seen escorting him to the Zoombians when Theo temporarily retakes control of his body and warns of how dangerous Cameron and his power is; Myles responds with that they don't have a choice. ("Search", "Break-in", "Cornered")

His motatvations are thrown into even more confusion when he cuts off the floor of additional robots coming to attack Connor and his team, however he choses to leave Robo Sam and Theo as well as around two hundred robots still running for unknown reasons. He later gives up on the Ipplepen after Tom places a bomb inside and instead runs back to the future before returning to the house. In order to allow Theo and Fred to continue to live, he opens a Time Vortex for Theo to fall into. Following Ollie's capture, he covertly helps him escape by pretending to be Bobby attacking their systems. ("House", "Twenty", "Seconds", "Coffee")


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"A Past to Remember"

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