Overexertion is problem that some Protectors accidently encounter when a situation forces them to make over use of their powers.


The Symptoms of Overexertion vary from person to person but generally follow the same pattern:

  1. Bleeding from the nose and ears, this is the most common sign and most people usually find a way of stopping their power usage at this point. Can also be accompanied by bleeding from the eyes, blurred vision, temporary blindness and/or coughing up blood..
  2. Usually spasms or fits, this occurs only if the subject continues to use their powers for a long period of time after being in step 1, and usually does not occur until after Powers have ceased being utilised.
  3. After the spasms and fits a patient can fall into a coma based on how long they spent within the first stage, this rarely happens due to there being other ways of taking out the opponent. 
  4. This stage occurs after the patient has been in a coma for three to four weeks and only if the they spent around two hours in stage 1. The Patient will wake up briefly with memory loss from between an hour before the event and a year but they will still seem fine for a couple of days before they will suffer a stroke and heart attack simtaniously.


"A Past to Remember"Edit

After Darren holds the falling ship in the air shortly before transferring all of the gravitational potential energy of the ship onto Theo and forcing him out of the hole in the ship. While using his power to hold the ship in the air his ears and nose began to bleed heavily and after launching Theo from the ship he slumped to the floor and began to spasm.("Break-in")

Later, during her escape from Universe 20, Josie ends up overexerting herself and as a result ends up going temporarily blind before an explosion also renders her death. She ends up being extremely unresponsive and is left unable to walk. In a flashback to what happened between Tom and Morgan during 9/11, Tom overexerts himself which causes him to experience Stage 3 symptoms of Overexertion, with him falling into a coma for two weeks following the incident.("Twenty", "Location")

"Covenant Invasion of Earth"Edit

Emily manages to overexert herself when she uses her fire to burn most of the Covenant reinforcements during her distraction while her teammates stormed the supercarrier. She began bleeding from her eyes, nose and ears before falling our of the air as she ceased the use of her powers which were holding her in the air with a large column of fire.("Shatter")

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