Character details
Full Name Ollie Cane
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 10
Unique Power Foresight
Homes Tom's House
Occupation Protector
Universe Number Universe 01
Relatives Tom
Tom's Mother
Current Allies Emily
Current Enemies Theo
Appearance Details
First Appearance Infiltrated
Latest Appearance Catapult
Biological Details
Hair Colour Brown
Species Protector-Class Human

Oliver Cane is a main character in "A Past to Remember" introduced Infiltrated and is the younger adopted brother of Thomas Cane.


Ollie is an autistic young boy who can very easily become obsessed with the littlest of things, or will randomly start talking off topic in the middle of a meeting or battle. He is however shown to be caring about the people around him, and will defend his family's integrity with every piece of information he has available, and because of this can be considered extremely loyal to his brother and other members of his family.


"A Past to Remember"Edit

In Infiltrated, he and Erin help get Emily out of the lift shaft after it is disabled by the robots. He is then knocked unconscious when a missile causes an explosion that destroys the cage and shaft of the elevator.

In Captured, he, Emily and Theo are captured and imprisoned in the basement. He is later joined by Erin after she is captured once the robots complete their tests on her.

During the course of Ambush, he is revealed to have been taken to be transferred to the future but is stated to have escaped further into the house with Erin.

In Search, he and Erin find their way into the vault where he begins to defend his brother's knowledge of the person who murdered Erin's Father.

In Break-in he and Erin use the air conditioning vents to get to the control room where they destroy robots who are made of technology that Erin recognises from a mission to the 1980s and Ollie agrees to help her find out the meaning behind it. He then helps Benjie and Jaso into the house and they realise that Ralph is still alive.

In Machine he is in the control room and helps protect it when the robots attack but fails to save Jaso and Benjie.

In Quarantine he and Erin decided that staying in the house is going to get them killed and so they fight their way out. Ollie sends Robo Marshal down an air vent and into the vault where Bobby hacks into him and shuts him down. He is eventually reunited with Emily at the hospital and begins reassuring Jasmine that Anthony is still alive.

In Cornered he and Erin work to protect the critically wounded from death at the hands of the robots.

In Double, he is sent by Emily to recon the house ready for an assault to retake it.

In House he helps Emily organize the attack on the house as well as keep Gary occupied while Emily storms the house.

In Catapult he senses Tom activate the time machine and pinpoints where it will land and helps to clear the car park just in time for it to land. He then helps his brother off of the time machine and into the hospital after threatening to burn the people attempting to block Tom access.


Relationships with The ProtectorsEdit

Relationship with TomEdit

Tom and Ollie are extremely good friends and Ollie is strangely loyal to his adopted brother. Ollie also seems extremely concerned for his health to the point that he will threaten anyone who gets in his way of looking after his brother.

Relationship with ErinEdit

Ollie and Erin appear to be really good friends with both of them commonly working together to achieve their goals. They also go on a hunt through time together in an attempt to locate the reason for the technology that Erin found in Break-in to be in the 1980s. Because of their trip through time they become known to the Vintos who blame them for the Ipplepen DIsaster and the destruction of New Delhi.


A Past to RememberEdit

"A Past to Remember"

See AlsoEdit


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