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There are a number of Universes that sprang fourth after the Big Bang; these form together to form the Multiverse.

The Earth's

Earth 01

The Main Saga plays out in this Universe. The Milky Way Galaxy lies in shambles following the battles between the Humans, Vintos, Cydonains and Zoombians.

Earth 03

Tom helped to advance the natives to the equivalent of the Ancient Greeks and then used beliefs by the greeks of his world to manipulate the natives into protecting four gates that led deep into the crust where Tom's parents were imprisoned.

Earth 04

A series of floating land masses in space that Tom discovered and terraformed to act as a type of giant battle simulator. The stars are aligned slightly different so Earth is located in a different part of the Milky Way Galaxy when compared to the other thirty nine Universes.

Earth 23

Universe 23 is the Universe in which Naomi was sent to following her sudden disappearance from Universe 01. The Protectors from this Universe are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve total domination of their own Universe and later the entire Multiverse.

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