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Canon details
Date Unknown
Teams The Protectors
Leanne's Team
Book details
Book The Beginning
Chapter Number 10

House (A Past to Remember Chapter) is the tenth Chapter of "A Past to Remember" and tenth chapter overall.


Gary, Emily's Brother, follows Emily as she makes an attempt to win the house back. Meanwhile Tom figures out why the Time Machine isn't working and begins to try and fix it.


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Major Events Edit

  • Tom reveals that Darren was shot before coming back in time from 3015 and his sudden rescue by Tom and Jack caused time to relapse causing the Time Machine to break and their memories to be wiped.
  • Emily, Ollie, Erin, Connor and Benjie try to retake the house.
  • Ralph regains his memories and reveals that his biological parents sacrificed themselves to ensure that Tom beat Geoff.
  • Lisa and Amber monitor Emily's activities as she fights for the house from the Vinto Space Station.

Team Standing as of this ChapterEdit

Alpha TeamEdit

Bravo TeamEdit

Charlie TeamEdit

Delta Team Edit


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit



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