Character details
Full Name Emily Rose
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Age 12
Unique Power Fire
Homes Tom's House
Emily's House
Occupation Year 7 Student
Universe Number Universe 01
Relatives Gary
Current Allies Cameron
Current Enemies Theo
Appearance Details
First Appearance Infiltrated
Latest Appearance House
Biological Details
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Red
Species Protector-Class Human

Emily Akai is a main character in "A Past to Remember" introduced in Infiltrated and is the sister of Leanne, Josie, Vicky and Naomi and adopted sister of Gary


"A Past to Remember"Edit

When Tom traveled to 3015 to find the rare and elusive element need to wake Jamie and Kyle, Emily was left in charge of the house. Bobby appeared and told her of Robo Sam's and Robo Marshal's arrival. After taking the elevator down a few floors it breaks.Erin and Ollie arrive and get her out but an explosion in the elevator shaft renders them all unconscious. Once Theo arrives, she begins to ready a plan to get rid of the two invaders, unaware of the growing number of robots below. The robots surprise them and take them hostage. ("Infiltrated", "Captured")

After Erin and Ollie are taken, Emily begins to notice strange changes in Theo's behavior and realizes that his mind is slowly being taken control of by the robots. This leads to her escaping from the house and burying Theo beneath molten rock. Eventually she finds herself at Bradley Barton Base where she finds Connor and Cameron, who she plans an attack upon the robot facility in Ipplepen. While there she finds Ralph and ends up completely changing her plans in order to save his life since he won't make it out of the facility before its power source overloads. ("Ambush", "Search", "Break-in")

She eventually ends up being taken to Torbay Hospital to undergo tests for radiation poisoning. It is here that she discovers that Jaso, Anthony and Vicky had all been kidnapped by the robots. She also has a chance run in with Connie who demonstrates her ability to play around with memories by wiping the meeting from Emily's head. While at the hospital, she manages to chase Emma into a corner and question her about why she seems to remember everything. She agrees to keep Emma's remembrance from Tom. ("Machine", "Quarantine")

She is forced to defend the hospital and herself from the robots when they attack the quarantine section, a few days later she expeiences her nightmare again and then discusses the meaning with Connor and Jasmine. Once the team is back up to full health, she takes them to attack the house in order to retake the house from the robots, this ultimately fails and she is forced back to the hospital where she learns that Emma sent Leanne and her team to 2861. Tom manages to convince her to return to her family after he returns to the present day. ("Cornered", "Double", "House", "Catapult", "Reprecussions")

While Tom attacks the robot base in Ipplepen, Emily takes her small portion of the team to the house to perform recon. She later comes to the conclusion that Tom is not returning from Ipplepen and so chooses to attack the house. This time she succeeds however and the robots are driven from the building. She later runs collateral damage control after Marcel uses his powers to try and stop the Vinto from taking his friends, although a conversation with Amelia triggers some painful memories for her. She also helps keep Theo and Robo Sam away from Vicky, although this almost ends with her dead.("Twenty", "Seconds", "Request", "Coffee")


A Past to RememberEdit

"A Past to Remember"

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