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Canon details
Date Unknown
Teams The Protectors (Universe 01)
Leanne's Team
The Protectors (Universe 20)
Book details
Book The Beginning
Chapter Number 9

Double (A Past to Remember Chapter) is the ninth Chapter of "A Past to Remember" and the ninth chapter overall.


Leanne, Ed, Josie and John meet themselves in Universe 20, effectively introducing the idea of duplicated characters. Tom saves Cameron from becoming a human pin cushion


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Major EventsEdit

  • Leanne and Josie are revealed to be captured and are trapped in Universe 23.
  • John is revealed to have forgotten everything from the previous six years.
  • Dudley is revealed to have been successfully induced with Darren's ability to control Gravity.
  • Tom and Mia rescue Cameron from the Zoombian labs.
  • Mia kisses Tom as she dies.
  • Mia's ability to generate poison dissipates into the air disappearing for good.
  • Tom goes on a rampage and destroys much of the compound after Mia dies.
  • Dudley finds a vile of Cameron's blood.
  • Tom, Jack, Flavio and Sam of Universe 17 detect movement on the outskirts of the solar system.

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