Creation Vortex
Location details
Place Name Creation Vortex
Current Status Active
Owner Thomas Cane
Emma Jackson
Where Beginning of Time
Type Universal Center
Universe Number Universe Unknown
Appearance details
First Appearance Unknown
Latest Appearance Unknown
Battle details
Noticeable Battles Unknown
Other Battles Unknown
"The Heart of Time, our fate rests on its servants"
— Jack upon returning from the Battle of Time

The Creation Vortex is the center of Time and the place where Tom, Emma and Geoff get their power from.



The Time Stream jettisons of from the Creation Vortex making it possible for anyone with Time Travel capabilities to get it. However it has been found that you can not get in with Time Vortexes, or Temporal Teleporters because they bypass the Time Stream, which is the only way in for them.

Time WallEdit

Time Walls line the Creation Vortex, and all have same properties as Tom's Time Bombs, but Tom can also use the Time Walls to move throughout time.

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Creation Vortex