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Covenant Invasion of Earth: Hunter
Canon details
Date Unknown
Teams The Protectors
Book details
Release Date 31st of March 2014
Book Covenant Invasion of Earth
Chapter Number 8

Covenant Invasion of Earth: Hunter is the eighth chapter of the "Covenant Invasion of Earth" Series.


The team are floating above Coombeshead when a Hunter begins a rampage through the school.


Tom invites Sam and Flavio onto the Phantom to try and come up with a strategy to combat the new alien invasion. Both of whom start by defending their failure to detect the invasion before it started. Tom says that it isn't their fault and that it is infact the Zoombian mole from the previous year who had manage to destroy everything that he'd built.

Emily comes in and shows Tom a video of a hunter rampaging below them in the middle of the school. Tom takes control of the phantom, lowers it closer to the ground and the team disembark, with Tom jumping out last onto the back of the hunter while the rest of the team await orders.

Tom initiates the battle with a knife in the neck of the alien before jumping out of the way and analyzing the beast while the rest of the team combat it. Tom points Jack towards the back panel of the alien which Jack proceeds to cut off. As the rest of the team keep the alien distracted with their dwindling supply of weapons, Tom comes up behind it and shoots it with his shotgun causing it to slump forwards.

In the aftermath of the battle while Connor and the others are moving the alien body onto the ship to be disposed of, Jack grabs Emily and kisses her, Cameron grabs Erin and they share a kiss again while Tom is in the school office talking to the head teacher.

Major EventsEdit

  • Sam and Flavio join the team
  • It is revealed that the team used to have powers before a Zoombian mole destroyed the house and the power source
  • Darren, Dylan and Monty, along with others, are confirmed to have existed before they died in the final weeks of the war.
  • The Vintos are inferred to have been completely wiped out by Tom and his team on earth and the Zoombians elsewhere.
  • Jack kisses Emily.

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