Character details
Full Name Cameron Jakes
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 10
Homes Unknown
Occupation Protector
Year 5 Student
Universe Number Universe 01
Current Allies Emily
Appearance Details
First Appearance Captured
Latest Appearance Repeat
Biological Details
Eye Colour Blue
Species Protector-Class Human

Cameron Kunal is a main character in "A Past to Remember" introduced in Captured.


Cameron is shown to be extremely sneaky and cautious, he tends to utilise his ability to blend into the darkness to his advantage during missions as well as his favourite past as it allows him to sneak up on people. He is also extremely modest and lacks in self confidence more than what would be expected for a kid of his age. He is distant from his mother and any motherly figure after his mother died at during his birth.


The BeginningEdit

In Captured, he is seen making his way with Connor towards Bradley Barton Base.

In Ambush, he and Connor both fire fireballs at Emily as she climbs down the ladder into the base.

In Search, he wakes Emily after her nightmare.

In Break-in, he uses his ability to remain hidden to break into the robot building in Ipplepen. He later opened the door for Emily and Connor when they managed to get to the entrance. After wandering through the long winding ever changing maze of corridors he realised that they were completely different to the first time he had run through. After rescuing Ralph, the group decide that destroying the facility would not work with Ralph unable to walk. Later, after Emily overexerted herself, he ran in Robo Myles who ordered him to run and to get out of the base with Ralph and Emily before they are captured.

In Machine, he is escorted to the hospital under the quarantine program.

In Quarantine, he appears briefly sat on a hospital bed talking about Doctor Who. He later appears when Erin and Ollie arrive where he and Erin refuse to even look at each other.

In Cornered, he is abducted by the robots at taking to 3001 where Tom picks up on his tracker.


Relationships with The ProtectorsEdit

Relationship with Connor PotatoEdit

Main article: Conmeron (Universe 01)

Cameron and Connor are shown to be really good friends and appear to have lots in common, commonly being seen talking about various nerdy or geeky subjects like Doctor Who.

Relationship with MiaEdit

Main article: Cia (Universe 01)

Cameron and Mia are shown to have a very trusting relationship as she mentions in Cornered that she and Cameron were routinely placed on missions together. This led to her volenteering for the mission to rescue him that ultimately got her killed.


A Past to RememberEdit

"A Past to Remember"

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