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Canon details
Date Unknown
Teams The Protectors
Book details
Book The Beginning
Chapter Number fifth

Break-in is the fifth Chapter of "A Past to Remember" and fifth chapter overall.


Tom leads the op to resuce Anthony from the Zoombians; Emily, Cameron and Connor attack the Robot Factory in the ruins of Ipplepen where they find Ralph. Benjie and Jaso climb the side of the house in order to get to Erin and Ollie in the Control Room after climbing through the inside of the house. Meanwhile in 2861, Leanne and her Team are released from their prison cell by Molly, the Judge. They then escape to the Portal and plan their defense against the Robots, but before they can make it Hulo is abducted and taken back to the future.


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Team Standing as of this ChapterEdit

Alpha TeamEdit

Bravo TeamEdit

Charlie TeamEdit

Delta TeamEdit

Team ChangesEdit

  • Hulo is taken by the Robots.
  • Benjie and Jaso find their way to Erin and Ollie




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