Character details
Full Name AI "Bobby" 951
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 8
Homes Tom's House
Occupation Computer Program
Constructed By Tom
Universe Number Universe 01
Relatives Tom*
Current Allies Emily
Current Enemies Robo Myles
Robo Sam
Robo Flavio
Robo Marshal
Appearance Details
First Appearance Infiltrated
Latest Appearance Trace
Biological Details
Species Computer AI

Bobby is a main character in "A Past to Remember" who was introduced in Infiltrated. He is Tom's AI who was created to deal with threats far faster than any human could.


Bobby is a young and snarky AI who genuinely cares for the Protectors despite being an computer program.



As Tom expanded his collection of alter-egos, he slowly began to realize that he was unable to keep up with the resposibilities that came with each of them, as such he decided that having an AI based off a mapping of his brain would allow the AI to multi-task and deal with any issues that arised from each identity. Tom cloned himself in order to have another version of his brain that he could map onto the computer to design the AI.


Bobby has complete control over the house systems as well as the ability to actively hack into anything to implant various strands of idenities whenever a new Protector surfaces or Tom requires something to be covered up. He is actively covering up Felix's murder spree.

"A Past to Remember"Edit

Bobby was extremely quick to notify Emily to Robo Sam's and Robo Marshal's arrival and subsequent virus, he then triggers the shut down of the house data in order to protect it from the robots, he later confirms that the data as well as his programming is safe behind the firewall defense network that he had set up within the servers. He is later revealed to be connected to Tom in 3001 despite being almost one thousand years away, he is also revealed to be capable of taking Tom's memories and implanting them into his own memory banks. He is also seen explaining to Emily why the Robots would attack Ipplepen. ("Infiltrated", "Ambush", "Search")

He is later seen diving into a sea of data inside the holo-table as he attempted to figure out what the robots were planning when Emily asks him why no one in Newton Abbot was dead from the effects of the radiation that should have been produced from the explosion in Ipplepen, he later figures out that no one in Ipplepen actually died from the radiation, instead they died from the initial explosion or the robot onslaught that followed. While at the hospital he warns Emily of an impending robot attack which leads to Cameron being taken hostage. He is later revealed to be search for Dr. Davis for Emily when she tells Connor to tell Bobby to look for Tom instead. ("Machine", "Cornered", "Double")

Bobby reveals to Connor and Erin that the house is impenetrable and later helps Tom figure out why the Time Machine no longer works. While Tom smashes through the hordes of robots and Zoombians, Bobby mocks Tom for having too much fun before causing the Time Machine to pulsate and vaporize the remaining enemies before they can break free of their frozen state. He is later seen being the first to recognize Connie as well as grabbing all sorts of records to create Fred an identity. He helps Emily plan her attack of the house as well as Tom's attack upon the robot's Ipplepen base. ("House", "Catapult", "Reprecussions", "Twenty")

He is later seen explaining to Tom that he is stuck in Universe 08, he later explains to Emily the problem that Tom is having before sending Tom a warning that the Vinto are on Earth.("Seconds", "Request")


A Past to RememberEdit

"A Past to Remember"

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