2999 3001
General details
Significant Events The Retreat
Battle of Rome
Major Births Connie
Major Deaths Matt
Hundreds of Protectors

Universe Number Universe 01

The Year 3000 was the year of the Protectors retreat, the Battle of Rome and marked the beginning of a rebellion that would cost the European Protectors hundreds. It also saw the birth of Tom's and Naomi's daughter, Connie.

Breakdown of EventsEdit


Battle of RomeEdit

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During the Battle of Rome, Emily and Cameron are forced to fight against Matt and Harriet to protect the 20 survivors they were escorted. Only 5 make it to the off world extraction point and Emily inherits Harriet's Adaptivity ability.


Battle of the CatacombsEdit

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Tom and the rest of the team defend their underground base from the Australian Protectors. The ultimate result of which is the imprisonment of the majority of the attackers.


Main article: Robot Breakaway (Universe 01)

In the middle of the month Tom, Darren and Ralph lost control of the Robots who then proceed to steal the Time Machine, and kidnap Emily, Theo, Ralph and Felix. The first three of which are successfully turned into sleeper agents while the fourth begins to slowly go insane because of the Robot voices talking inside his head. Tom then breaks in and free them all from and takes back the Time Machine.

Leo's ConspiracyEdit

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Towards the end of the month Ed finally gets the names of the conspirators from Leo who he had been keeping alive and Tom begins a rounding up of them that begins the fight for Leadership of the team between those loyal to Leo and those loyal to Tom. Ultimately the Conspirators are all killed but in the process almost two hundred protectors end up dead.

On the last day of the Month one of the conspirators who was still alive opened the prison cells only to be butchered by the escaping prisoners. By the end of the day all of the Prisoners had been killed bar Jamie, and Naomi had given birth to Connie before disappearing.



Main article: The Retreat (Universe 01)
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Tom begins to plan for the retreat while the rest of the team work on repelling the enemies who have detected the Protectors' weakness. Once the retreat is underway Jack's brother Dylan makes a strange reappearance and heads to the Time Machine while Fred jumps off and begins to de-age to 13 in order to give the Time Machine to take off.

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2999 3001

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