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General details
Significant Events Vinto-Koslo arrival on Earth
Robot Infiltration
Major Births Unknown
Major Deaths Alan
Universe Number Universe 01

2010 is the main year featured in "A Past to Remember". The Vinto's arrival on Earth and the Robot's Infiltration also began this month.

Breakdown of EventsEdit


Ipplepen and AbductionsEdit

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The Robots began their infiltration of Earth within the first few days of the new year. The Infiltration mostly dealt with the losing of the house, Theo's mindcontrol finally taking effect and the Robots kidnapping a number of Protectors either for their own experiments or for trades to the Zoombians. It also involved the destruction of Ipplepen via a nuclear bomb implanted inside a Robot. The Vinto's arrive on Earth and discover the presence of the Protectors, they promptly begin kidnapping some of them to try and duplicate their powers.

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2009 2011

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